Anna van der Breggen

Anna van der Breggen

Anna van der Breggen is seen as one of the riders who put women's cycling on the map. The two-time world champion (2018, 2020) concluded her impressive career in 2021. “It was the perfect farewell year for me with some nice victories. I am now looking forward to a new chapter in my life,” Van der Breggen said.

The Dutch rider will also be writing that new chapter with Team SD Worx. This season she will take her place in the team car. “Anna has just come off the bike and will certainly add value as part of our technical staff,” sports director Danny Stam says. “How does someone become an elite cyclist? Anna is the perfect person to guide our girls based on her own career path. As a woman and former elite rider, she will approach this in a different way than Lars and I do. We offer complementary support. Tactically and technically we are on the same line, but each of us offer their own emphasis.”

Van der Breggen herself hopes to achieve great results again in 2022 with Team SD Worx. “My personal goal is to learn how to become a good team leader. What is the perfect preparation for a race? The first races are also going to be exciting for me in my new role. My debut as team leader in Paris-Roubaix has left me wanting more.”

The riders of Team SD Worx are delighted that Anna van der Breggen is taking on this position. “It's sometimes funny to see Anna as team leader, but it really comes naturally to her,” Amy Pieters says. “She already led the team when she was a rider. The only difference is that now she will be in the car. We will miss her for all her victories on the bike, though (laughs).” Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio also sees Van der Breggen as a great team leader. “As the season progressed, I already saw her make a mental switch. She was thinking about how best to pass on her experience. She will add value to our tactics, because she knows the peloton through and through. I am convinced she will be a great team leader.”

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Anna van der Breggen

NationalityThe Netherlands
Date of birth18/04/2022
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